Earth:a laboratory where the ultimate alchemy can be realised

On one hand, existence is like the meaningless play of a child. On the other, it is full of symbols and significance, every detail being perfectly planned. Each atom has its own role. We shall not move into details concerning the universe and its complexities, but one fact which we cannot deny is that we cannot escape from ourselves and the world we live in. Having learnt from the scriptures and spiritual masters, and having been blessed with genuine revelation and experience, I can assert that this earth is a real laboratory where one can discover the secrets of life and more precisely, where one can know the truth concerning one’s real nature.

The explosion of the atom creates much energy, which can be very destructive. The seed explodes to become a new life, the plant rising up in the sky. Rivers are eager to merge in the ocean, but what about us humans? Even animals evolve to become man – this is at least what Darwin said. Only man is remaining as he is; he is stagnant, moving in a vicious circle. He is not yet a being though we call ourselves human beings. Being is our destiny, our ultimate goal which, of course, we have yet to reach.

Man is not meant to remain man; he is a seed having the potential to explode into a new life. In fact, man is a transit between animal and infinite expansion. Yes, man as a mind can be made to explode and this explosion will bring the death of man and the birth of divinity or a homogenous state of being, different from the actual turbulent and constantly desiring mind. If we remain in transit, then suffering is our eternal lot. Just think about the achievements we have made by staying as we are. Our most advanced technologies provide only better food, clothing, shelter and leisure, although we cannot deny that life has become more comfortable.

Now let us cast a glance on the other side of the coin. We see wars, violence, diseases, climate change, cataclysms, and who is responsible? The answer is man. The world has enough material for auto-destruction. Man is the unhappiest creature because his desires are infinite. Desire is the chief characteristic of his mind. To get liberation from all sorrows, the human mind will have to be transformed so that he is content without being enslaved by external things. The mind will have to attain oneness with existence and wholeness so that it becomes whole or holy.

In the east, that union has been called yoga or Samadhi. It is the ultimate transformation or the ultimate alchemy. In alchemy, base metal is transformed into gold. Meditation is a science through which the mind can be made to attain cosmic dimension. Therefore our ultimate end is cosmic consciousness. Our life is a chance or a gift. Why not use it for the most sacred of all experiences?

The question is how to proceed and who is ready to be processed. The requisite qualities are intense yearning and total engagement. Total engagement does not imply that one will have to abandon worldly life and retire into the forest. On the contrary, every situation in life should be used as an experience and a stepping stone to reach that state.

In the past, many have attained to such a dimension – Christ, Krishna, Buddha and many others, whom we have called saints, rishis, munis and mystics. These souls had recourse to prayer, devotion and scientific methods to attain their end. They, in turn, devised many ways that can suit the temperaments of different individuals. Today the situation has completely changed. We live in an era of science and technology and people are more scientifically minded. Devotion, prayer and worship have little place.

Therefore to attain the ultimate alchemy, the scientific approach should be adopted, using the earth and the existing environment as a laboratory. However, spiritual practice should be done under the guidance of an enlightened master who will give suitable techniques according to the temperament of each aspirant. A genuine guru or master is one who teaches how to realise the formula laid down in the scriptures and which is “Aham Brahmasmi” or “Anal-haq”, meaning, “I am God” or “I am the Truth.”

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