Cosmic Consciouness – The Culmination of Human Evolution

The evolution of life starts from the tiny unicellular organism to reach the human being, but it seems that human existence is not the apex of organic evolution. Human existence has never been in such a boiling state as it is today. The reason is that the human mind knows fairly well that it is not satisfied with technological development and sensual pleasures. It has the intuition that something higher and more beautiful awaits it on the evolutionary path, yet it is confused as to what it is that makes it restless and frustrated. One thing is certain: the mind is seeking eternal pleasure and relaxation. The mummification of corpses gives a hint that man has the instinct of eternal life in the marrow of his being, but then, forms are not eternal.


Deep down, the mind feels that the real achievement is not in being. It is in losing itself that the real revelation will come. Albert Camus has said, “Life is absurd and ridiculous and the only thing worth doing is suicide.” Here I agree with him totally. Deep down in his being, man wants to disappear, to dissolve. Strange coincidence! The spiritual science teaches the same thing: die to be born anew. How can the tree appear so long as the seed is still here? How is it possible to conceive if the woman is still virgin? Rebirth comes only after death. Man has been in abeyance since a very long time after his evolution as man; he is in a vicious circle. He emanates from the Whole, his essence conceals the Whole and that is urging him towards It. But alas, he is in a deep slumber of materialism.


The individual is seeking the cosmic. Jesus says that to attain the Kingdom of God, one has to be born again – in spirit. Here, he does not mean that one will have to take a new body, but the mind has to be transformed and made pure. Man wants to enjoy everything that he desires and his desires are unlimited. However, all desires cannot be fulfilled. If desires are not satisfied, frustration is bound to arise. One will then be led to ask: “What is the way out?” Only the experience of the Whole can quench the thirst of all desires. In fact, when the Whole is tasted, desires disappear.


Man is not an island; he was not made to live eternally in an individual state. He has evolved and has always learnt to live in society, but the law of dependence is not the end. He is still seeking union with something. He likes to merge with the many. This is the reason why most of us like the masses; we also like vastness which has always attracted us and at the same time has scared us. This is why many people like to go to the top of mountains – they have the sensation of the vastness of the sky. The ocean too attracts us.


The only thing that can fill our real desire is the mind. The mind should be made to expand to attain a cosmic dimension; otherwise man will remain eternally in a vicious circle. Life is from the Whole to the Whole. Without attaining the Whole, man will not be content. Expansion is the real life. Through sexual orgasm, man, for one moment, loses his identity as an individual to taste the cosmic. This is why he is irresistibly drawn towards it. His attraction is not for sex or for the opposite sex, but for satisfaction. The same pleasure is achieved when the mind achieves a cosmic dimension. What can one desire more than union with the Whole? Many have tasted that experience. The whole of religion and the spiritual science is to bring man to that sublime experience.


The balloon gives us a revelation. Man finds pleasure in blowing a balloon and making it as big as possible. In many of our celebrations, balloons are present. Why? The reason is that man finds bliss in expanding, in growing. However, rarely one will have pleasure in exploding a balloon. All inventions come from the mind. The balloon is a symbol that emerges from the depth of our being to give us the message that the mind is like a balloon that can be made not only to expand, but also to explode and to merge with the cosmic. We have no choice other than to move towards the cosmic. In fact, religion or spirituality is a journey towards cosmic consciousness.

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