There is only one life

The one and same life-force is throbbing in every human being.  All creatures have common elements in their DNA, only their proportion and arrangement differ.  Every human being was created with the same stuff.  Each one of us is equally filled with good and evil and also, we all possess the capacity to vanquish evil […]

The whole world is aflame!

The sun is burning.  It is aflame since time unknown to man, and it is burning to give life to the earth and other planets.  Without sunlight, life is not possible and there would be only darkness.  The planets would have been cold and lifeless, nay, they would perhaps have been inexistent!  The ancient seers […]


Nowadays, there is much talk about courtesy.  Almost everybody tries to pretend to be courteous.  Is this real courtesy or merely a superficial show?  Indeed, courtesy can render the material aspect of life very easy.  Much tension and worry can be eliminated through it.  Courtesy, however, is a by-product of a sane and transformed mind.  […]


Some scriptures, saints and holy men define non-violence as non-injury of any being in thought, word and deed.  In our modern world, this seems to be a code of conduct or a moral precept.  It is apparently practised to secure social harmony and world peace.  Morality is an invention of the human mind and thus […]