Swirl like a Child

This technique will throw you back to your center from where you have gone far away. The chakras, which are the vortices of energy in the astral body, spin in a clockwise direction, and this technique can help activate them. The practice should be stopped once the practitioner attains a high degree of meditative state or awareness. This technique resembles a Sufi method where dervishes whirl round and round to regain their center.

Who can do it?

Any person  provided he is in quite good health. It should not be practiced by pregnant women and persons who have health issues related to vertigo and dizziness.

Instructions :

  1. Stand straight with the feet a little apart and arms stretched at shoulder level.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Start going round in a clockwise direction.
  4. As you swirl, dis-identify yourself from your body.
  5. Be the center around which your body is moving.
  6. The center is the mere witness. Be that center.
  7. Do some 12-15 rounds and then stop
  8. Sit down with eyes closed.
  9. You will feel everything spinning. Do not identify yourself with anything.
  10. Simply be a detached witness.

If you feel like vomiting due to dizziness, it is not a problem.  Do vomit as it is like a cleansing. However if vomiting becomes regular stop practising the technique. Initially you will feel dizzy but as you go deep and become completely dis-identified, that dizziness will diminish and eventually vanish.  Increase the number of rounds progressively up to 50 after a few months. As you become more mature in silence, you can increase the number of rounds even further.

Extracted from : Meditation Techniques for Inner Transformation

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