Meditation is the state of blessedness or Godliness that shines forth when all distractions of the mind have dissolved away.  Distractions may be of innumerable forms.  Excitements, sadness, different moods, thoughts, emotions and other disturbances are the causes of a distracted mind.  Desire is the root cause of any form of mental distraction.  It engenders […]

Religion: A Map of the Inner Journey

A map is not the destination, a plan is not the house, a sign-post is not the town – similarly, religion is not God.  A map, a symbol or a plan has to be read and understood.  The plan for a building cannot be read by anyone save an expert, an architect, engineer or contractor.  […]

Think about it . . .

The human body, which is composed of senses, organs, tissues, muscles, nerves, arteries, bones and various other things, is one of the most complex and wonderful creations and has always baffled even the most brilliant scientists.  Each of its constituents is a wonderful world by itself.  Let us take the example of the cell.  It […]

There is only one life

The one and same life-force is throbbing in every human being.  All creatures have common elements in their DNA, only their proportion and arrangement differ.  Every human being was created with the same stuff.  Each one of us is equally filled with good and evil and also, we all possess the capacity to vanquish evil […]

The whole world is aflame!

The sun is burning.  It is aflame since time unknown to man, and it is burning to give life to the earth and other planets.  Without sunlight, life is not possible and there would be only darkness.  The planets would have been cold and lifeless, nay, they would perhaps have been inexistent!  The ancient seers […]

The Seven Musical Notes of Life

“Zindagi saat suron ka naam hai” – life consists of seven basic musical notes.  The first stage of life or the first note of life consists of the childhood development where one is unconscious like an animal and knows nothing apart from eating, drinking, merry-making and sleeping.  The first seven years of the child are […]


Some scriptures, saints and holy men define non-violence as non-injury of any being in thought, word and deed.  In our modern world, this seems to be a code of conduct or a moral precept.  It is apparently practised to secure social harmony and world peace.  Morality is an invention of the human mind and thus […]

Mind and Brain

The mind does not act directly on the brain, but uses the subtle bodies as medium.  Before going deeper into the subject, let it be clear to the reader that the human being consists of seven layers or seven bodies, which are explained in more details in a previous volume of the “KNOW THYSELF” magazine.  […]

The Psychic Era

The dawn of human civilisation has known the stone-age man. Since then homo sapiens have not stopped evolving physically, mentally and technologically. The stone-age man knew only hunting for his food and reproducing his kind. Gradually as the population grew larger, they discovered food from plants, fruits, animals and other means of livelihood. During that […]