About Swami Paramananda

Swami Paramananda is an enlightened being, an accomplished meditation master, a living buddha who has experienced Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Nirvana, which is the peak of spiritual attainment. He is the spiritual master or guru to an increasing number of seekers and disciples, guiding them towards the ultimate possibility of human life.

Swami Paramananda was born as Rajendra Prasad Dassruth on 8 October 1959 in Mauritius. His spiritual search started at a tender age and after attaining full spiritual enlightenment in his mid-twenties, he started his life mission of ‘Global Mind Transformation’ for a New Earth and a New Humanity. The word swami, meaning ‘master’ in Sanskrit, is a title conferred on enlightened beings who are masters of their own self. Swamiji dedicates his life to help humanity towards inner transformation through a rise in our level of consciousness – the only way to establish lasting peace, love, unity and brotherhood in the world.

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In the context of his life mission of Global Mind Transformation, Swami Paramananda has delivered talks and meditation sessions and has shared his experience, teachings and lofty wisdom to seekers in many parts of the world such as South Africa, India, USA and France. Most of his disciples are based in Mauritius and United Kingdom where the SGAS-UK Charity has been set up to assist him in his mission.

Swamiji’s universal teachings and guidance seek to enlighten people on the science of meditation, spirituality, art of living and many topics closely related to spiritual evolution. He considers that all the problems facing mankind can be best tackled with a rise in the level of consciousness of each human being, thus his endeavour to help each individual discover his inner self. He is often solicited by various institutions to deliver sensitisation talks on various secular and esoteric topics related to the well-being of people and the society.

Recommended books on Spiritual Masters (authored by H.H.Swami Paramananda):

  • ‘Guru: A friend, a guide and a door’
  •  ‘Buddha: His Scientific Approach to Life and the Nirvana

Meditation Master with a Scientific Approach

The science of meditation is a universal and holistic process of mind transformation leading to an expansion of consciousness and culminating in the experience of enlightenment, of pure and boundless awareness and ineffable peace. An enlightened guide is of paramount importance in this inner journey of the ultimate alchemy – one who knows the secrets of the inner journey leading to state of meditation.

Swami Paramananda is an unequalled meditation master when it comes to guiding people of different backgrounds, temperaments, inclinations and levels of consciousness. He gives countless scientific meditation techniques – passive and dynamic, modern and traditional – as a single method cannot be equally effective for everybody and offers personal guidance to seekers to help them in their spiritual evolution. Swamiji’s meditation techniques act as the photo-electric effect on our unconsciousness and liberate the mind from our conditionings, suppressions, animal and human natures.

Swamiji’s unique scientific and rational approach to spirituality and enlightening presence is much solicited by people of all ages due to his great spiritual attainment and his ability to interpret complex spiritual truths in a simple and logical manner. Coupled with that, his compassionate and friendly attitude encourages people from all walks of life to approach him not only as a master but also as a true friend.

Recommended books on Meditation (authored by H.H.Swami Paramananda):

  •  ‘Spiritual Experiences’
  •  Four  Steps to Health and Enlightenment’
  •  ‘Truth’
  •   ‘Meditation Techniques for Inner Transformation’