Meditation is the state of blessedness or Godliness that shines forth when all distractions of the mind have dissolved away.  Distractions may be of innumerable forms.  Excitements, sadness, different moods, thoughts, emotions and other disturbances are the causes of a distracted mind.  Desire is the root cause of any form of mental distraction.  It engenders […]

Meditation the Greatest Miracle

Existence, with its complexities and marvels, is already miraculous.  The language of the DNA, the order of the solar system, the development of living cells into foetus baffle the mind.  Each particle moves as if being guided to fulfil some aim.  In the whole existence, the human body maybe is the most miraculous, complex thing.  […]

Why Meditation?

Man either performs action or he sleeps.  Seldom or never does he relax.  That which is between activity and sleep is called relaxation.  When the senses are at work, the whole body is at work.  Here I mean that all organs, muscles and nerves are in motion.  The mind is the motor which drives the […]

Drug and Meditation

There is a cry from parents, from the church, from the guardians of law and finally from the society in general concerning the alarming situation that is being caused by the proliferation of drugs, drug addicts and drug producers and dealers.  The authorities and other responsible groups are no doubt making positive effort, but the […]