Swirl like a Child

This technique will throw you back to your center from where you have gone far away. The chakras, which are the vortices of energy in the astral body, spin in a clockwise direction, and this technique can help activate them. The practice should be stopped once the practitioner attains a high degree of meditative state […]

Buddhahood, Krishnahood or Christhood: Blessed States

  Jesus, Krishna and Buddha were persons: they had a human body, they ate, drank and led a life like any other person.  Yet basically, they were different from other human beings.  The world of names and forms is not the ultimate reality of existence.  The same existence has many different layers interconnected in a […]


Meditation is the state of blessedness or Godliness that shines forth when all distractions of the mind have dissolved away.  Distractions may be of innumerable forms.  Excitements, sadness, different moods, thoughts, emotions and other disturbances are the causes of a distracted mind.  Desire is the root cause of any form of mental distraction.  It engenders […]