Swirl like a Child

This technique will throw you back to your center from where you have gone far away. The chakras, which are the vortices of energy in the astral body, spin in a clockwise direction, and this technique can help activate them. The practice should be stopped once the practitioner attains a high degree of meditative state […]


Instructions : Sit down crossed-legged with the spine erect but relaxed. Raise your head slightly and lock your hands without any tension. Close your eyes (lightly) Breathe naturally in and out. Feel the incoming and outgoing breaths without making any effort to change the breathing pattern. Focus should be total When thoughts, mood, emotions and […]

The Breath and the Chakras

Instructions:  Sit cross-legged or in a lotus posture Close your eyes Breath in slowly. At the same time visualise the lifeforce or prana that is breathed in touching the various chakras as fire touches fuel. Start with the first chakra – muladhara chakra, in the coccyx. Imagine the first chakra lighting up as soon as the breath […]

Rebirth Therapy

The Rebirth Therapy is a powerful dynamic technique that aims at purifying one’s body, mind and heart. It is called thus because it allows one to start afresh or to be ‘born anew’ after a thorough purification and total relaxation.  The benefits of the Rebirth Therapy are multiple: Increase in self-confidence and willpower Expansion of […]

The Mirror

The mirror never lies, goes the saying. There is quite a significant truth in this statement. But the mirror can be more helpful than only telling us whether they are beautiful or not.  Mirror, oh Mirror ! Tell me who is the most beautiful? Do not put the question; let it give yoy the answer […]


Contrary to what one may think, concentration is not meditation, as in the former there is tension, no matter how little it may be. The meditative state is a state of deep and sublime relaxation where tension is non-existent. Nevertheless, concentration is a means to reach that exalted state, which is the essence of everyone. […]

Fixing the Wall

This is a simple technique that can be practised by anyone. In the practice of Zen, the aspirant sits very close to a white wall and fixes it continuously for hours, simply gazing without doing anything else. Even doing nothing can become an experiment. Precaution: Avoid doing it after a heavy meal. How to practise: […]