Think about it . . .

The human body, which is composed of senses, organs, tissues, muscles, nerves, arteries, bones and various other things, is one of the most complex and wonderful creations and has always baffled even the most brilliant scientists.  Each of its constituents is a wonderful world by itself.  Let us take the example of the cell.  It […]

Expression, Suppression and Mastery

    Man naturally expresses his thoughts, emotions, feelings, creativity, whether it is good or bad. He is, however, not only characterised by expression but also by suppression. Man suppresses his emotions, behaviours, thoughts, moods, feelings and actions. One cannot obviously express everything that one’s mind and heart produce, and that which cannot be expressed […]

The Ten Senses

We see and understand the world by the mind through our ten senses.  The process of perception and knowledge is a quick, complex and marvellous one.  Light plays the greatest role in exposing the world to our mind.  Images of the world travel as waves through the eyes, where the retina plays an important role […]

Do not sleep away your life

If a person has lived for seventy years, he has spent nearly twenty years of his life sleeping.  During sleep, man is supposed to contact the source of energy which enables him to continue with his usual activities.  Also, when the body and the mind are relaxed by sleep, the door of the ten senses […]


Nowadays, there is much talk about courtesy.  Almost everybody tries to pretend to be courteous.  Is this real courtesy or merely a superficial show?  Indeed, courtesy can render the material aspect of life very easy.  Much tension and worry can be eliminated through it.  Courtesy, however, is a by-product of a sane and transformed mind.  […]

The Psychic Era

The dawn of human civilisation has known the stone-age man. Since then homo sapiens have not stopped evolving physically, mentally and technologically. The stone-age man knew only hunting for his food and reproducing his kind. Gradually as the population grew larger, they discovered food from plants, fruits, animals and other means of livelihood. During that […]