Buddhahood, Krishnahood or Christhood: Blessed States

  Jesus, Krishna and Buddha were persons: they had a human body, they ate, drank and led a life like any other person.  Yet basically, they were different from other human beings.  The world of names and forms is not the ultimate reality of existence.  The same existence has many different layers interconnected in a […]

Religion: A Map of the Inner Journey

A map is not the destination, a plan is not the house, a sign-post is not the town – similarly, religion is not God.  A map, a symbol or a plan has to be read and understood.  The plan for a building cannot be read by anyone save an expert, an architect, engineer or contractor.  […]

Religion a Rebirth

  The seed dies to become a plant and finally a tree; childhood passes away allowing teenage-hood and the process continues to give birth to adulthood.  The stars explode and disappear, while new ones are born.  Life is a constant evolution, a constant rebirth.  But man has remained man since his creation.  In fact, he […]

Judge Ye Not

Each statement made by an enlightened being or a prophet is so full of meaning that each of them can give birth to volumes of books only to explain them.  For pure minded people, a simple statement with a few words may be enough; others may require a lot of explanations.  The above statement is […]

The Real Face of Religion

  “What is truth?” asked Pontius Pilate to Jesus of Nazareth. I have not continued to write on the above line for a symbolical reason. Jesus’ answer to the above question was not in words but in silence. Even today many people are under this delusion that Jesus ignored the question or that he did […]