Nowadays, there is much talk about courtesy.  Almost everybody tries to pretend to be courteous.  Is this real courtesy or merely a superficial show?  Indeed, courtesy can render the material aspect of life very easy.  Much tension and worry can be eliminated through it.  Courtesy, however, is a by-product of a sane and transformed mind.  […]

The Seven Musical Notes of Life

“Zindagi saat suron ka naam hai” – life consists of seven basic musical notes.  The first stage of life or the first note of life consists of the childhood development where one is unconscious like an animal and knows nothing apart from eating, drinking, merry-making and sleeping.  The first seven years of the child are […]


The most sacred thing is not always exposed, it is hidden and at times invisible.  God is invisible, It is the most sacred thing.  Normally, sexual union is sacred as it is the means to procreate, but we have degraded it by not respecting it and by doing it at times in public places where […]


Some scriptures, saints and holy men define non-violence as non-injury of any being in thought, word and deed.  In our modern world, this seems to be a code of conduct or a moral precept.  It is apparently practised to secure social harmony and world peace.  Morality is an invention of the human mind and thus […]

Mind and Brain

The mind does not act directly on the brain, but uses the subtle bodies as medium.  Before going deeper into the subject, let it be clear to the reader that the human being consists of seven layers or seven bodies, which are explained in more details in a previous volume of the “KNOW THYSELF” magazine.  […]

The Psychic Era

The dawn of human civilisation has known the stone-age man. Since then homo sapiens have not stopped evolving physically, mentally and technologically. The stone-age man knew only hunting for his food and reproducing his kind. Gradually as the population grew larger, they discovered food from plants, fruits, animals and other means of livelihood. During that […]

Religion a Rebirth

  The seed dies to become a plant and finally a tree; childhood passes away allowing teenage-hood and the process continues to give birth to adulthood.  The stars explode and disappear, while new ones are born.  Life is a constant evolution, a constant rebirth.  But man has remained man since his creation.  In fact, he […]

Meditation the Greatest Miracle

Existence, with its complexities and marvels, is already miraculous.  The language of the DNA, the order of the solar system, the development of living cells into foetus baffle the mind.  Each particle moves as if being guided to fulfil some aim.  In the whole existence, the human body maybe is the most miraculous, complex thing.  […]

Judge Ye Not

Each statement made by an enlightened being or a prophet is so full of meaning that each of them can give birth to volumes of books only to explain them.  For pure minded people, a simple statement with a few words may be enough; others may require a lot of explanations.  The above statement is […]