Religion: A Map of the Inner Journey

A map is not the destination, a plan is not the house, a sign-post is not the town – similarly, religion is not God.  A map, a symbol or a plan has to be read and understood.  The plan for a building cannot be read by anyone save an expert, an architect, engineer or contractor.  […]

Think about it . . .

The human body, which is composed of senses, organs, tissues, muscles, nerves, arteries, bones and various other things, is one of the most complex and wonderful creations and has always baffled even the most brilliant scientists.  Each of its constituents is a wonderful world by itself.  Let us take the example of the cell.  It […]


Instructions : Sit down crossed-legged with the spine erect but relaxed. Raise your head slightly and lock your hands without any tension. Close your eyes (lightly) Breathe naturally in and out. Feel the incoming and outgoing breaths without making any effort to change the breathing pattern. Focus should be total When thoughts, mood, emotions and […]

Method for Lazy People

Laziness conceals a great truth. It reveals the real nature of God for He is a non-doer. Meditators who have reached the non-doing state live blissfully.  Lazy people find bliss in non-doing. However, theirs is poor quality of bliss as it is a result of inertia. Real bliss is a fruit of transcending both inertia […]

The Breath and the Chakras

Instructions:  Sit cross-legged or in a lotus posture Close your eyes Breath in slowly. At the same time visualise the lifeforce or prana that is breathed in touching the various chakras as fire touches fuel. Start with the first chakra – muladhara chakra, in the coccyx. Imagine the first chakra lighting up as soon as the breath […]