Buddhahood, Krishnahood or Christhood: Blessed States


Jesus, Krishna and Buddha were persons: they had a human body, they ate, drank and led a life like any other person.  Yet basically, they were different from other human beings.  The world of names and forms is not the ultimate reality of existence.  The same existence has many different layers interconnected in a marvellous and harmonious dance.  The ultimate stuff is subtler than the subtlest thing, purer than the purest thing; it is pristine, infinite – the list may not end if we continue to enumerate its qualities.  Yet, let us lay stress on the truth that it is Supreme Blessedness, the source or base of all.  Every single particle or object of this existence conceals that state of blessedness.

Human existence, however, is the perfect instrument through which it can manifest itself fully.  That is the most beautiful event that can happen in the Universe.  Plucking a flower, eating a ripe mango or doing any other act are apparently lay facts.  From one angle it is so, yet how much marvel is hidden behind these simple acts!  The combination and permutation process, the accuracy and intelligence that are brought into play during these apparently lay facts of life create much awe and baffle the greatest of minds.  Yet, who feels and knows that behind all these trivial acts, the most exalted state of blessedness can be tasted if they are done with utter surrender to existence?  Surrender is a state of being in humans.  It is latent and can be revived if the key to right living is achieved.

It is the greatest irony of life that we are a door to infinite blessedness, yet we are like beggars and restless misers.  Kabir has rightly said, “I laugh when I hear that the fish in water is thirsty!”  Blessedness, bliss, power and infinite knowledge pervade us, yet we are blissfully unaware of it.  What could be the cause?  Who is responsible for such a state of affairs?  The answer is man.  In fact, man is both a quest and the way to it.  Man is a voyage from himself to himself, from now to now, from here to here.  The mind is both the instrument and the source from which both sorrow and bliss come.  The choice is ours.  We are choosing, searching and struggling to achieve peace, bliss, eternal life, and because we are in this existence, we are trying to attain by clinging to it.  Hence, we are caught like someone hypnotised by a magician.

Nature being compassionate, She sent us a Jesus, a Gautam Siddharta, a Krishna, a Mohammed to show us the right way.  However, being much engrossed in our search for pleasure, and that too for a long time, we find it difficult to embrace their simple and harmonious attitude towards life.  Their compassion made them insist, thus they became a danger to us, hence we nailed them to the cross or we stoned them to death.  Those who try their level best to break our dreams and sense-intoxicated minds become abnormal and we call them names.  We, furthermore, write things to prove that there had never been such beings and such things as God, illumination and religion – these are regarded as inventions of foolish minds.  Truth, however, is not touched by our foolishness or wisdom.


Some enlightened souls are more careful since they learn from others and know through experience that they are dealing with innocent yet foolish beings.  Such a wisdom gives them success.  Therefore, the Earth has always produced beings through whom the supreme blessed state of life has proved or expressed itself.  The play of creation and dissolution is eternal.  Such things will always happen, that is, there will always be a Buddha or a Christ who will come forward to lead us.  The scriptures are the by-products of enlightened beings, as the ones who have tasted Divinity are called.  They can help us, provided that we do not make the foolishness of discarding them to go to seek help from the scriptures.

Jesus rightly said, “No one comes to the Father but by me.”  Krishna said, “Leave all forms of religion and come to me – I shall free thee from all sins.”  Their presence and advice are of greater help than the knowledge of the scriptures which are but mere words.  This, however, does not imply that we must not have recourse to the scriptures.  Since the scriptures are twisted by foolish and dangerous people, one easily goes astray.  From one angle, this has led people to great error.  The whole of humanity is paying the consequence.  Moreover, the experience of enlightened souls being so sublime and beyond words, it is expressed in forms of analogy, symbols and stories.  Without using discrimination, we are caught and thus are misled.  Therefore, the wisest thing is to seek the help of the living enlightened beings directly, for only that can help.


The question that definitely comes forward is how to recognise those doors through which we can merge our being into that sublime ocean of bliss.  Here we should not worry: they will come to us.  An Egyptian saying goes like this, “When the disciple is ready, the master appears.”  The only qualification that is required is the willingness to listen to them patiently and the zeal to do their bidding.  This will seem difficult at first, but if the interest is keen, their presence will do the work – because they no longer are, it is the state in them which will do the work.  Their presence will act as a catalyst to quicken our transformation.


Finally, let us remain alert and wait for the time to be ripe, for no one knows from where and when a door may open.  The door may open through a very innocent illiterate person.  Jesus was the son of a carpenter, Krishna, the son of a cow-rearing man.  No doubt, there will also be many fakes.  Jesus had warned his disciples against such things.  Miracle-mongering is not the sign of an enlightened one.  “As you know a tree by its fruit, similarly, you will recognise the true son of God by the work he will perform.”

“I am ready to fill you with blessedness.  I am simply waiting for an opportunity when you are completely hollow so that I can start breathing through you.”

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