Instructions :

  • Sit down crossed-legged with the spine erect but relaxed.
  • Raise your head slightly and lock your hands without any tension.
  • Close your eyes (lightly)
  • Breathe naturally in and out. Feel the incoming and outgoing breaths without making any effort to change the breathing pattern.
  • Focus should be total
  • When thoughts, mood, emotions and bodily feelings comes in, let it be so; Do not fight them
  • Bring your attention again and again to the movement of your breath.
  • Realise that you are other from the breath.

In the beginning, do it for 20 minutes in the morning and same duration in the afternoon.The duration of the practice must be slowly increased till one can sit comfortably for a few hours just watching the breath.

As you grow in awareness, breath will subside and so will your thoughts and heartbeats. At times you will feel your breathing has stopped for a while.  During such moments, you will be silent and awake, your thoughts will be nonexistent. If this process is repeated regularly for a period of time, man’s unconsciousness will start melting away. Consequently the artificial mind, a product of society with its conditioning, vices, evils and so on will start dissolving.

This technique can be done anywhere, though the best place is in nature. If done intensively and regularly for a least three months, coupled with a balanced style of living, a positive change is bound to occur.  If it does not, then one should shift to another technique.

Extracted from : Meditation Techniques for Inner Transformation

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