Method for Lazy People

Laziness conceals a great truth. It reveals the real nature of God for He is a non-doer. Meditators who have reached the non-doing state live blissfully.  Lazy people find bliss in non-doing. However, theirs is poor quality of bliss as it is a result of inertia. Real bliss is a fruit of transcending both inertia and dynamism. If you wish to adopt inertia as a way of life, then why not experiment on it? Thus even laziness can become a door.


  1. Stay in a given place as long as possible.
  2. Lie down comfortably for hours.
  3. Close your eyes if you wish.
  4. Be fully aware of your body and everything that is happening in your mind and heart.
  5. Avoid any movement. Be totally lazy.
  6. Do not analyse or judge.
  7. If you feel ‘tired’, get up and do some stretching, then lie down again.
  8. If you feel sleepy, do not resist.
  9. Sleep as much as you want.
  10. After you wake up, do some stretching, then continue to lie and go within


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