Rebirth Therapy

The Rebirth Therapy is a powerful dynamic technique that aims at purifying one’s body, mind and heart. It is called thus because it allows one to start afresh or to be ‘born anew’ after a thorough purification and total relaxation.  The benefits of the Rebirth Therapy are multiple:

  • Increase in self-confidence and willpower
  • Expansion of one’s consciousness, liveliness,deep relaxation, peace of mind and better health

In short, it will help one to attain a blissful state of beings and experience universal love. It is a method par excellence to eliminate stress, anxiety and depression. All you need is regular practice and a balanced life in harmony with the laws of nature.

Who can do it?

Any person aged between 16 and preferably under 60 provided he is in quite good health.  However pregnant women, persons who have recently undergone surgical interventions, those who have chronic asthma, persons with cardiac problem or any other diseases that may affect the heart or any other organ should abstain from doing this dynamic technique.

Extract from : Meditation Techniques for Inner Transformation

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