The Mirror

The mirror never lies, goes the saying. There is quite a significant truth in this statement. But the mirror can be more helpful than only telling us whether they are beautiful or not.  Mirror, oh Mirror ! Tell me who is the most beautiful? Do not put the question; let it give yoy the answer of its own. By simply being in front of it naked – as an innocent child – you will be surprised that much of your inner nature will unravel itself to you.


  1. Be seated or stand in front of a clean mirror for a least one hour and look at your reflection.
  2. By and by, you will see unfolding different facets from your reflection in the mirror.
  3. Do not be scared, they are reflections of your hidden personalities; they may be ugly, beautiful or horrible.

This is a scientific practice and can be scientifically explained. Our whole being is always emanating vibrations of our real nature and these flow out into space. A mirror can absorb and reflect these waves. Since we are more unconscious than conscious, the images reflect our reactions with the outer world and repressed desires. Our basic instincts such as greed, anger , lust and hatred are also reflected. And obviously, these will not take beautiful shapes.

Extracted from : Meditation Techniques for Inner Transformation

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