Contrary to what one may think, concentration is not meditation, as in the former there is tension, no matter how little it may be. The meditative state is a state of deep and sublime relaxation where tension is non-existent. Nevertheless, concentration is a means to reach that exalted state, which is the essence of everyone.


  1. Place a lighted candle or a lamp on a small table in a quiet but rather dark corner.
  2. Sit comfortably on a chair or if possible in the lotus position, keeping a distance of some 1 or 2 metres from the candle or lamp.
  3. Make sure that the light is more or less at eye level.
  4. While staying relaxed, fix the eyes on the flame without blinking as long as possible.
  5. Practise this technique some 15 to 30 minutes everyday for a month.


Note: Do not worry if the eyes become tearful during the practice; continue to concentrate on the light.


  • It will sharpen your awareness – this will be highly beneficial during your daily activities
  • You will be more resourceful at work
  • It will smooth your way for more advanced techniques and eventually enable you to attain the state of meditation


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