Fixing the Wall

This is a simple technique that can be practised by anyone. In the practice of Zen, the aspirant sits very close to a white wall and fixes it continuously for hours, simply gazing without doing anything else. Even doing nothing can become an experiment.

Precaution: Avoid doing it after a heavy meal.

How to practise:

  • Sit comfortably in front of a completely white and clean wall with the spine straight and eyes open.
  • Keep a distance of about 1 metre from the wall and fix it without blinking as far as possible. This may result in tears rolling down the cheeks – this is normal, so do not worry.
  • Continue with the practice as long as possible without any thought.
  • With perseverance and regular practice, the mind will become clear and blank like a cloudless sky.
  • When this is achieved, you may close the eyes and delve deep within yourself.


  • Purifies the mind and increases our level of consciousness
  • Physical and psychic well-being; increases concentration


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