There is only one life

The one and same life-force is throbbing in every human being.  All creatures have common elements in their DNA, only their proportion and arrangement differ.  Every human being was created with the same stuff.  Each one of us is equally filled with good and evil and also, we all possess the capacity to vanquish evil and to be good.  Then why so much hatred amongst human beings?  It is a scientific fact that every particle of existence has a common source, the same as all creatures have.  Doesn’t this knowledge arouse respect and love for all forms of life?  Alas!  Who has time to ponder over all this?  By going deep into the heart of matter, scientists have come to know that we are essentially one and that the outer appearance of separation is only illusory.  We are the cells of the cosmic body.  Space is like an infinite sea, we are like fish in it.


Once in a Buddhist monastery, the monks were disturbed by a curious noise coming from the garden.  One of them went outside to cast a glance.  He noticed that pumpkins were quarrelling amongst themselves.  The monk then ordered the pumpkins to do zazen.  This seems to be a very strange and even absurd situation, but it is only a story told by a Zen master, therefore let us be patient and see what truth it reveals.  It is said that the pumpkins obeyed the order of the venerable monk and started the practice of zazen.  This is similar to the practice of meditation in the East.  It demands sitting silently with both hands on the head, eyes closed and staying motionless like a statue.  After a while, the monks were again disturbed by the pumpkins, but this time they were laughing.  The monk came out again and questioned the pumpkins about the reason of the laughter.

“We were foolish to quarrel amongst ourselves,” said one of them.  “Quarrel is always a foolish affair,” said the monk, “but how did you realise that?”  “Well,” said the pumpkin, “while doing zazen, our hands touched the chain that binds us all, which made us aware that we all form part of one thing like beads in a chain.  Hence, it is foolish to quarrel!”


This small story reveals the actual state of mankind and also the way to achieve release from it.  By quieting the functions of the mind, heart and body, one can realise that every human being, every particle, every galaxy is held or is interlinked by the one silent but infinite vibration.  Give it a name if you wish.  I would prefer not to give it a name, but just for reference purposes, I associate myself with the Upanishadic masters and call it “Tat” or “That.”

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