Meditation the Greatest Miracle

Existence, with its complexities and marvels, is already miraculous.  The language of the DNA, the order of the solar system, the development of living cells into foetus baffle the mind.  Each particle moves as if being guided to fulfil some aim.  In the whole existence, the human body maybe is the most miraculous, complex thing.  What’s all this?  Tis a miracle indeed!


The wonders of Mother Nature are infinite.  Man is like the puppet made of salt that is trying to measure the depth of existence.  Those who observe Nature remain dumbfounded.  Have we ever thought about it, that we are all like droplets in an infinite sea of marvel?  Alas!  Man is so unconscious that he feels isolated from the Whole and that is the sole cause of his being miserly.  Deep inside, every human being would like to become so big that the whole Universe can merge in him or he in the whole Universe.  “Man, you do not know that all this is possible since you already are one with everything that exists.  The only barrier between you and the marvel that surrounds you is your thought.  A few moments of no-thought would unite you to the whole of existence – that is called ‘meditation’ which is also the greatest miracle that the human mind can experience.”  Bliss, love, peace, satisfaction and all forms of blessing come through being one with existence.  Waves, droplets are part and parcel of the sea.  The Buddha said, “I was just a bubble, now I have exploded – there remains Nirvana, the state of perfect meditation.”  The no-thought state is already there, yet covered with thoughts produced by past impressions and dreams of future.  The mirror is always there, it has to be cleared of its dust so that a clearer image of oneself is beheld.


Real celebration begins when meditation dawns upon oneself.  Life is a celebration: to participate in it, oneness with it is essential.  At that stage, the whole of life becomes miraculous, each moment one tastes the flavour of a miraculous life.  With the dawn of meditation, greed, anger, lust, hatred and jealousy, which make both inner and outer life hellish, melt away like snow when the sun rises.  Meditation, the greatest miracle, is inside us waiting to manifest.  We have suppressed it, that is the reason why life is so miserable.  Living in harmony with the laws of Nature, understanding one’s own being can help to its manifestation.  It is the only thing that cannot be taken away, not even by death.  The eagerness to learn will open a new dawn, understanding will give the key and practice will open the door to the eternal dimension of the inner kingdom which is meditation.


Prayer, worship, scriptures, symbols and other rituals were means used to point towards that sublime reality.  Let us not get confused by them.  Masters of today give direct invitation to taste the inner Divinity.  In a world dominated by scientific advancement, there are scientific methods to produce the miracle of meditation.  Here, ‘scientific’ means methods that are free from rituals and symbols, methods that require no beliefs in any god or philosophy.  Man is the apex of miracle: let him know himself and enjoy life eternally.

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