Heaven is all the way to heaven, Dance your way to God.

“Energy is delight!” says William Blake.  “What is matter if not congealed energy?”  This statement was pronounced by the famous Swami Vivekananda in the Chicago Parliament of Religions.  The creation of name and form is only a spark from the infinite ocean of energy.  God is omnipotent, which means all or infinitely powerful.  Hence He is fundamentally energy.  Children are usually more blissful than adults: the reason is that they are more bubbling with energy.  Jesus said that children symbolise the Kingdom of God and that without becoming like them, one cannot enter It.  Of course, this does not mean that one will have to become a little child again.  One thing is sure: to be able to attain union with the infinite source of energy, one will have to be filled with so much energy, and be so energetic and cheerful that one’s being will explode and merge with the ocean of boundless energy.


Kabir, the fifteenth century mystic, made a very mysterious statement: “I laugh when I hear that the fish in water is thirsty.”  The fish in water cannot be thirsty, but this strange event has befallen mankind.  Strange!  The whole of existence is an orgasm of the dual poles of energy, every particle of existence is orgasmic, yet man is suffering.  Believe it or not, man is solely responsible for that.  God is Sat-Chit-Ananda, which is translated as Truth-Consciousness-Bliss Infinite.  But man has lost the innocence of the child, he no more possesses the feminine quality of receptivity.  He is unconscious and thus closed to the flow of energy, to the flow of infinite delight.  A bottle, though being in the depth of the ocean, may be empty if it is sealed, while the same bottle may receive water and be completely filled even if placed in a small bucket of water.  Every iota of space is filled with that very stuff which is called God, Love or give it any other name.  Love is energy, the more one has energy, the lovelier one becomes.  Children are lovely, innocent and receptive.  We seek bliss, peace and God in the church or in heaven when our own being is a transformation of that bliss.  Every fibre of our body has been made with the stuff that is called love.


We have created unconsciousness and thus we are receptacles of suffering.  To be able to swim in the ocean of energy and to dance our way to eternity, we will have to become a hollow receptacle like a child, like a hollow bamboo.  Meditation will help us discover our lost treasure.  There will be no need to expect a heaven after death, it can be enjoyed here and now.  Our whole life, every moment can be a heaven.  Misery can be transformed into bliss because everything is energy, thus suffering which is energy in a grosser state can be changed into subtle and pure energy which is itself delight.  Therefore, it is possible to live constantly in sheer bliss each moment.  The whole adventure, the whole journey can be made lovely and blissful.  Heaven can be enjoyed all the way long.  Let heaven be all the way long so that one can say, “Heaven is all the way to heaven.”


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