From the Womb to the Tomb

The Universe is nearly infinite in grandeur.  The human life is next to nothing compared to the life cycle and vastness of this wonder-filled existence.  Our life begins from the womb and ends in the tomb.  Could there be more to what our lives are between womb and tomb?  If yes, then Solomon is absolutely right: everything is vanity, illusive and horrible.  The child is perfectly unconscious, at least up to a certain age.  That produces innocence, purity and beauty in it.  During the last stage of life when one foot is on earth and another is being pulled by the tomb, man becomes a strange creature.  People usually say that the old ones have become child-like.  But far from being innocent, pure and unconscious like the child, he has become cunning, ugly and miserly.  He has grown up only physically, his development has not been mental.  Life has been only a struggle to fulfil the basic needs and a few sensual pleasures.  Throughout this journey, he has developed so many ugly qualities such as greed, anger, jealousy, lust and others.


The seed that grows in the jungle or in the forest is nurtured by Mother Nature.  It grows up in a scientific but natural way and is fulfilled by providing oxygen, shade, wood, fruit, flower and by preventing soil erosion.  It is a blessing to the whole of Nature as its contribution is really enormous.  What is man’s contribution?  If we say that technological, industrial and agricultural inventions are his contribution, then another question comes forward.  Have all these given him peace of mind, good health?  Is humanity really healthy?  Trees are much more useful than just giving shade, fruit and other advantages.  The construction of our modern world reflects the contribution of trees.  Similarly, man’s potential is not only that much as can meet the eyes, he can be much more creative.  The scriptures say that he represents Divinity.  The means that he has invented to lead a better life has made a hell both within and without.  Till now, all his means have failed.  There must be definitely a wrong focusing of his mind towards what we call reality.


The wonderful creature that we are cannot be that much useful only as to reproduce, seek sense-gratification and a comfortable living.  We are all seeking never-ending power, peace and joy.  All material means have been tried.  Why not turn to religion?  Here, I do not mean the orthodox, fanatical approach.  I mean a deep, detached and scientific study of all religions.  Here, we should be able to cast aside our egos and be ready to espouse that method and knowledge which will enable us to have a clear vision of our real nature, of our present situation and the reality about human existence.  All these demand much honesty at all levels.  By this I mean that we should be honest intellectually, emotionally and be courageous enough to accept truth as it is whatever be its source.  Though its real source is existence, the instrument may be any being, or anything.


My own observation is that the mind has to undergo a complete transformation.  Prior to that, it has to be understood how the present situation has ensnared the mind.  For that purpose, psychology and scientific spiritual practices like Yoga and others could be of much help.  A global understanding of the nature of man, God and the Universe would be of paramount importance.  Some religions lay great emphasis on our eating habits.  Could it be that the food we consume influences our mind and its behaviour?  The thought process, the different levels of our consciousness have to be studied.  I am fully convinced that the real solution to all problems lies with religion.  Here of course, I mean that religion can be used as a means, not as an end.  The end and aim is to go beyond all forms of conflict and sorrow so as to attain never-ending bliss.




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