From Mud to Full-bloom Lotus

Man is a seed.  He eternally was a seed, a potential.  Now he is in the mud of worldly illusion.  He is in the middle of conflict.  Here everything is vanity, ephemeral, yet all this is his karma bhumi, his dharma kshetra.  In other words, it is from here that his journey towards becoming a fully bloom lotus, an enlightened being, will start.  Therefore, man’s journey is from the mud to the lotus, from lust to the Lord, from illusion to reality.


The Vedic mantra goes like this:

“Asato maa sat gamaya”  –  “From unreality lead me unto reality.”  Reality or Truth is complete, it is fulfilled.  The lotus is complete as a lotus, not as a seed.  The world is the mud, the mind of any creature is the seed.  The scriptures mention that for the churning of the ocean to have nectar, the gods, inspired by Lord Vishnu, the Preserver, sought the help of the demons.  By transforming the base qualities, man can attain immortality.  Alchemy is the transformation of baser metal into gold.

“Tamaso maa jyotir gamaya” is the second mantra.  “From darkness lead me unto light.”  From the darkness of unconsciousness, lead me unto the sun of supra-consciousness.  Looking around us, do we not behold the by-products of unconscious beings in the form of violence, hate and other hellish qualities?  The Hindu religion shows a lotus in the hand of most deities.  This is symbolical of the mind.  To progress easily on a journey, much energy is needed, I insist on much energy because the journey is from thick layers of innumerable lives to the ultimate freedom.

The third mantra is “Mrityor maa amritam gamaya.”  “From mortality lead me unto immortality.”  The full bloom lotus represents life, complete life.  Similarly, the enlightened mind is the apex of life abundance.  Let us start pooling energy.  It is not a question of morality or immorality, but rather, it is a question of gathering much energy so that the seed can explode to give birth to the lotus.  Ah!  How much beautiful is a lotus!  How much more beautiful must be someone whose mind has attained cosmic consciousness!


Why lose energy in such an illusive world?  Use it as a base, but do not get attached to it.  Come on, move forward!


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