Psychological Slavery

Man is by nature curious. This is not a negative aspect of his being but a virtue that has given birth to the most complex technological development. Curiosity is a capacity of the mind that one day will lead him to ponder over the realities of man, God and the Universe. Thus he will attain the real aim of his existence.


However, his actual story is that he is a slave to curiosity, so much so that he has developed the habit of using anyone or anything to achieve his ends. In so doing, he has become a slave to his ten senses and his basic instincts such as greed, anger, lust, hatred, jealousy, superiority or inferiority complexes. Though traditional slavery no longer exists, man is still a bond slave of his own nature. Strange as this may seem, practically no effort is being made to attain liberation from that lamentable state of affairs.


Once there walked on our Earth people like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna. They had the key to liberate us from our slavery and thus enable us to attain the ultimate freedom – freedom from the mind. Alas! We are so enmeshed in achieving the illusory pleasures of the world that we are deaf to their proposals. In fact, our slavery is already a deep-rooted habit. It is quite normal to get angry, to have jealousy, hatred, boredom and so many hellish qualities. External events are like remote controllers that control us; we are not free. Whatever happens in the environment affects us at times to agony and death. For instance, on seeing the nude picture of a woman or watching pornographic films, a person gets extremely excited, so much so that he may masturbate. This may even lead to a rape. The mind is nearly completely out of control.


Imagine the fate of man: he is unable to retain his concentration on a single object for even a few seconds. His thought process creates stress and emotional disorders. Worldly activities are carried out through the medium of verbal power and so many problems crop up because of its wrong use. Messages are distorted, bitterness is expressed. Lots of people suffer from slander, abuse and criticism. Food maintains our body and consumption of food should be done in a scientific way. But being caught by the sense of taste, we have become a slave to it and we select food through habit and likes. Taste is given priority though our health is exposed to the gravest danger through unintelligent choice.


The senses were gifted to us by Nature so that by using and mastering them, we attain our divine nature. But the unconsciousness of the mind, in association with the external world, has made us slaves to them. How to get rid of the slavery formed through the habits of millions of lives? Man, deep down in his mind, knows fairly well that he is in a mess, but he finds no way out. Even if he is proposed a way out, he refuses it because of the tremendous effort that he will have to make. When those who are free come forward to give their help, they are ridiculed, mocked and even nailed to the cross. It is so easy for man to just turn his back and plunge deeply in his old way of life, choosing to remain a slave rather than to struggle for liberation.


There are some who are a little more alert; they listen, seek and struggle. But hardly any of them find the right direction. People who take alcohol and drugs do so most of the time to escape from their sad situation. This may seem odd but even watching films, reading books and playing games aim at escaping the basic nature of our being. However, though the situation seems hopeless, there is still a ray of hope as there are a few individuals who have determination and initiative. And there are a few people whose minds are open, so the message for liberation from all forms of slavery may touch their soul.


My proposal is therefore to help them to attain the freedom achieved by sages of the calibre of Jesus, Buddha and others. Through the medium and help of such people, a global mind awakening programme can be worked out. That can be achieved through the science of mind transformation, which is meditation. When there is a global revolution in the spiritual field, then the wind of real peace and joy will blow over our planet. Meditation is the ultimate door that we have to knock at, otherwise we may become extinct forever.


Meditation is completely harmless as a science. It deals directly with the mind. It can be said with guarantee that such a science can make the Earth a paradise-like place if it is practised by one and all. Let each individual be determined to have a transformed, fresh and new mind so that a better humanity will find the day.

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