The Aura

We may have read in books or heard directly from the experience of others about the field of light that surrounds the human body.  Pictures of saints, gods and prophets depict a golden light at the back of their head.  The Transfiguration of Jesus as described in the Bible, the glorious light that was emanating from Moses and also from Mohammed when he came down from the mountain – all these reveal the existence of the aura.  Nowadays, the aura of any living entity and even of plants can be graphed by using sophisticated imaging technology such as the Kirlian device which Semyon and Kirlian invented in the 1970’s in Russia.


The aura is a reflection of the deepest reality of matter which is light.  Hence, the aura is essentially the presence of light.  Though light is the deepest reality of matter, it is not the ultimate realityAlso, the physical light is not the ultimate state of matter.  The purest form of light is golden in colour and is one of the infinite forms of the Divine.  That golden light is the soul of the creation, it is the Hyranyagarbha of the Vedas and the Cosmic Egg which manifests itself at the divine command when the Lord wishes, “Let there be light!”  It is the same light that pervades the whole existence at different levels of frequency.  In this article, we shall lay emphasis on the human aura.


To have a clearer understanding of the human aura, it is good to know that the human being comprises of seven layers which are also known as the seven bodies, namely the physical, the etheric, the astral, the mental, the spiritual, the cosmic and the Nirvanic bodies.  Aura is of two kinds: the gross and the subtle.  The human aura is produced by the food one eats, the incoming and outgoing breath and one’s thoughts and emotions.  This also forms what is called the etheric body or the second layer of our being.  The subtle, pure or the spiritual aura is emanated by a meditative person.  The spiritual light is hidden in the fourth body like a pearl in an oyster.  The fourth body is the mind or the mental body.  The mind is an instrument through which the divine light expresses itself.  We can also say that the Divine or God uses the mind as an instrument to manifest Itself as a man-God.


Intelligence is a spark of the divine conscious power of light which manifests itself through the mind which is composed of five faculties: reasoning, intellect, memory, comprehension and speech.  However, the mind has passed through innumerable lives starting from amoeba to human.  During this long journey, it has forgotten its real identity and has lost the divine lustre.  The impressions of the different forms of bodies from innumerable births act as a strong coating which prevents the divine spark to manifest itself.  However, the tiny reflection of the soul or the light body which pierces through the mental body animates the other bodies, that is, the etheric, the astral and the physical bodies.  On its course, it will also reflect or present the state of evolution of the person.


Each individual is at a different level of spiritual evolution and the rate of vibration of his aura appears in a different colour which represents a different light-wave frequency.  The aura will also be affected by the mental and physical behaviour of the individual.  Different attitudes will produce different colours of the aura.  For example, if I smile hypocritically, that will change the colour of my aura indicating that I am emanating a wave of hypocrisy.  It is difficult indeed to cheat or to bluff with one who can see the aura and has the right knowledge of the different colours.  If you feel very much at ease with somebody who is a stranger, this means that your aura and his have the same or nearly the same frequency and that you probably possess basically the same qualities as him.


As I just said, the changes in our mental, physical and emotional layers affect the aura.  This means that if the body is sick, the person’s aura will vibrate at a different frequency; in an exciting mood, the colour or the vibration will again be different.  Through meditation, which is a very subtle and placid state of mind, the subtle and pure light emanates from the soul, passing through the pure mind, piercing the subtle bodies and bathing the individual with a soothing effect which surrounds his being and goes on expanding to a very long distance, depending on the depth of the communion with the Divine or the degree of purity of the mind.  Seekers of Truth are always advised to be in the company of spiritually evolved persons because their vibrations are conducive to meditation.


Buddha says, “Sangam saranam gacchaami,” which is translated as “I seek refuge in the presence of the holy ones.”  When the auras of many spiritually evolved persons meet, there is a great field of spiritual vibration.  That creates a very good atmosphere which is beneficial in many ways.  It soothes the nerves; plants, animals and human beings get transformed through it.  Osho (Rajneesh) and his disciples had, through the effect of meditation, turned a desert in USA into a green landscape where a beautiful meditation centre was being run peacefully.  Tansen, the great Indian musician, could produce fire through his songs.  All these are the effect of the aura which is produced by spiritually exalted beings.  People who are body-conscious produce a heavy aura; their presence is enough to create problems wherever they go.  At times, one may feel uneasy in the presence of someone without any apparent reason.


In a spiritual society, the auras of the members join on a subtle level to produce a sort of communion.  Through the meeting of the auras, the mind and the soul can meet.  It is only then that one can love one’s neighbour as oneself.  In fact, so long as we do not become one on a spiritual level, love, peace, sharing, respect and other virtues are only practised on a superficial level.  Each one is completely cut off and remains aloof in his body.  The aura or the essence does not meet.  We will have to become one through meditation, not only with human beings but with the whole cosmos.  Our life should not be a chaos but a cosmos.  Let us open ourselves, let us become more intimate with the Whole.  In the beginning, this may not seem possible, therefore let us seek to discover that the one and only one life is throbbing in every heart.  Only this realisation will lead us beyond sorrow.  The bubble of love that is in our heart must explode so that the aura of love will shed its fragrance everywhere, embalming every iota of space – that is the secret of the symbolical burning of a scented stick.

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