Why Meditation?

Man either performs action or he sleeps.  Seldom or never does he relax.  That which is between activity and sleep is called relaxation.  When the senses are at work, the whole body is at work.  Here I mean that all organs, muscles and nerves are in motion.  The mind is the motor which drives the […]

That too shall pass away

Once a king happened to quench the thirst of a wandering monk.  The monk, who thought to repay for this service, gave the king a ring and told him to look inside it if he ever happened to be in a very difficult moment.  As it was bound to happen by destiny, the king one […]

Psychological Slavery

Man is by nature curious. This is not a negative aspect of his being but a virtue that has given birth to the most complex technological development. Curiosity is a capacity of the mind that one day will lead him to ponder over the realities of man, God and the Universe. Thus he will attain […]

“Man… Know thyself”

For almost a decade, His Holiness Swami Paramananda has been continuously uttering with unfatiguable vigour and force these three simple words, beautiful yet portent with the loftiest spiritual message – that of exhorting man to find release from ignorance.  It is the same ignorance which blinded Arjuna’s intellect, creating in him attachment and aversion and […]

The Aura

We may have read in books or heard directly from the experience of others about the field of light that surrounds the human body.  Pictures of saints, gods and prophets depict a golden light at the back of their head.  The Transfiguration of Jesus as described in the Bible, the glorious light that was emanating […]


Metaphysics means beyond physics. The word ‘physics’ comes from the Greek word “phisikoi”, the study of nature. Therefore physics deals with the study of nature and the laws that govern them. However, nature is not all that exists and can be known, it is also not the absolute reality. On the contrary, it is an […]


Reincarnation is a subject that has baffled humanity since time immemorial.  What is reincarnation?  Reincarnation is based on the fact that man is composed of a body, a mind and a soul.  The body is ephemeral while the mind and the soul are eternal.  When the body passes away, the mind which is attached to […]

The Real Face of Religion

  “What is truth?” asked Pontius Pilate to Jesus of Nazareth. I have not continued to write on the above line for a symbolical reason. Jesus’ answer to the above question was not in words but in silence. Even today many people are under this delusion that Jesus ignored the question or that he did […]